Packaging Consulting

Almost all manufacturing companies hala need to ensure the integrity of their product, all the way between the place of production/sorting and the place of consumption by protecting it from accidental damage, impurities and external agents as well as to allow its proper identification and effective commercial promotion.

Therefore, sometimes acomplex process of conception and realization has to be carried out, which is necessary to ultimately achieve the most suitable packaging for the set needs and purpose.

Giving proper attention to details always requires specialized technical advice.

An unavoidable objective, therefore, is to equip the product with packaging that provides the right degree of protection and visibility at the lowest overall cost (material, packaging, distribution).

Desipak Service Srl provides its Customers with the specific expertise of the Packaging Team, proven by more than thirty years of experience “in the field,” gained by supporting major national companies for:

  • Perform technical-economic analysis of the entire process that generates the packaged product, identifying critical issues and alternative solutions (materials, timing, storage management, transportation, breakage).
  • Assess and possibly intervene on the Product Fragility Index.
  • Define transportability tests that take into account distribution specificities and product value, aimed at validating the effectiveness of packaging.
  • Support the Client in developing economically and environmentally optimal packaging by evaluating hypotheses for mechanization and/or unification with other products.

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