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The qualification of “sustainability” in a product is now increasingly common in the characterization of offerings in the market, in response to a growing consumer awareness. Indeed, more and more people are deciding to make environmentally conscious, resource-conserving purchases.

Our watchword
is sustainability.
Constant Commitment

Environmental Impact

More and more products are being qualified as “green,” “sustainable,” or “environmentally friendly.” However, these terms are generic, suitable for summarizing some product characteristics and exquisitely non-technical.
The term “environmental impact” is defined in the EMAS Regulation as “any change to the environment, negative or positive, resulting in whole or in part from an organization’s activities, products or services.”

Recycled Materials

Obtaining a product with a low environmental impact therefore means making sure that, throughout the complex life cycle, from extraction of raw materials to disposal as waste (or recycling), the contribution to changing the environment, in at least one of its matrices (air, water, soil…), is reduced.
Our environmentally friendly products are obtained through the use of internally or externally recycled materials that are fed into our production chain.