In construction and industrial applications, Desipak, offers various solutions designed to provide thermal insulation of roofs, floors and to enable acoustic insulation in double walls. Due to their special versatility, these materials have found a privileged field of application in the world of construction, with the development of various types of products, different types of intended use. These range from simple air bubble sheet coupled with aluminum foil to more comprehensive solutions involving a layer of polyethylene foam.
Aluminum foils 99.6% pure , provide an excellent degree of thermal reflection, which, thanks to special modifications to the molecular structure, do not allow micro-cracks to form at its surface. In any case, all the products stand out for their extremely low thickness, ranging from 3 to 9 mm, and for their remarkable lightness. Laying is also facilitated by the conformation of the products, all of which are arranged in 1.5 x 25-meter rolls.
There are many fields of application for the product, which can be used for the insulation of roofs, interior and exterior walls, non-walkable ceilings, thermal insulation under radiant floor panels, insulation of water pipes and air ducts, construction of vapor barriers, and against infiltration of Radon gas from the ground.