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Standard bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a type of shock-absorbing packaging used to protect delicate and fragile items from abrasion and impact, which is absorbed due to its air bubble strength and elasticity. It consists of a polyethylene sheet with air bubbles, which can be microbubbles or large bubbles. The reels are available in heights up to 3 meters and in various lengths and weights.

While the microbubbles serve a protective and shock-absorbing function, the large bubbles fit into a large package to fill in gaps and secure the packed pieces.

Lightweight is characterized by a smaller reel footprint and, in addition to having less weight, is more economical because fewer packaging materials are fed into the recovery cycle. A light weight is also recommended for shipments of items, as bubble wrap, in addition to protecting them from transportation shocks and temperature changes, does not affect the weight of the shipment.